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  • World War One 13th of march 1919

    World War One 13th of march 1919

    13 March 1919

    To: Mrs. Chas. Scripture

    Mils, Maine, U.S.A.

    From: Corporal Ward B Scripture 328th Infantry Company, American Expeditary Forces

    Saint Morillon, France.


    World War One 13th of march 1919

    World War One 13th of march 1919

    March 13, 1919
    St. Morillon, France

    Dear Folks,

    I received your letters for Feb 6 and they found me in the best of health and the best part of it all is that we are not far from Bordeaux waiting for boats to take us home. We left Genevieve Feb 26th for Bordeaux and were on the road for three days and two nights.

    Genevieve is northern part of France but here it is like in the south as warm as the summer the fruits are all blossom and looks real pretty

    World War One 13th of march 1919

    Well we are now in the best part of France, Bordeaux is one the largest shipping ports in the whole world.

    I am sleeping in a feather bed with some French people for a franc a day, that’s about 20c in our money. They are great people just like home.

    I am sending Ray some postal cards of Paris and Bordeaux, the place where we are now and some of Metz that a city, that Germany had since 1871 but we handed it back to France where she belongs. ÿ


    World War One 13th of march 1919 3

    You ought to get my mail soon now. As we are right near the coast. We expect to leave France in April, we will be one of the first fighting divisions to go back. We will get back by Easter week. Have to close for this time.

    With lots of love, Script Corp

    PS:- Frank Ford is still in our division. We have come through some beautiful country and cities when we came here

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