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Note when referencing that each letter belongs to a lot which is a group of letters as was obtained by us at war-letters.com. We did not attempt to sort these letters as to do so may destroy some of their history. Lots are however loosely arranged in chronologically order and normally to the same recipient(s), with multiple letters in a lot being from the same sender/author.

Contained in the url of each letter in this database is two four digit numbers which uniquely reference it. The first four digits identify the lot and the last four the specific letter in that lot. Offline documents can reference to a specific lot or letter with this number. We require that all online resources that use our material provide a visible hard html link to the correct web page.

A short description of each lot, plus a link to all the letters in a lot are accessible through the 4 digit lot number and a backstroke appended. You should not reference to this short description as it may contain factual errors. The front of each envelope is accessible by the 8 digit index number with ".jpg" appended if it exists. Some letters had no envelopes.

Each page which makes up a letter is accessible through the 8 digit(two 4 digits separated by a backstroke) index number plus "p1.jpg" for the first page, "p2.jpg" for the second page and so on, appended. Likewise photos or other attached documents enclosed in an envelope is accessible by index number plus "a1.jpg" and so on appended. The text translation of each letter should not be relied upon. It is only design to allow search engines to properly index the page. If you require us to verify the text of any page/letter, please contact us. support@war-letters.com

Teachers and Lecturers

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A sizeable proportion of the web traffic to this site are high school and college students seeking material for their civic or history projects and assignments. The war letters website contains hundreds of first person and eye witness accounts of world war one, world war two, the American civil war and other conflicts. Each letter contains a precise date and location and tell a very personal experience of the author written at the time. This gives a unique perspective of the history to the student unlike that of standard curriculum text books.

Recently we've tried to streamline the experience from a harsh research tool to include entry and category pages aimed at students and moderated content to make it more suitable to an younger but mature audience. In addition through third party web services, all transcribed letters are now available to be viewed in any of the ten most populous languages. This can provide a monolingual student with a perspective of the conflict from outside that of his mother tongue.

If you are a teacher or lecturer and using this site as a teaching or educational resource, send us an email, support@war-letters.com. Tell us of your experience and how we mite better serve you.

About US

We are an Irish owned and managed group interested in conserving the history and the memories contained in these letters. This site, we believe, could grow into a beyond value resource for genealogists, local historians and give a new life perspective to visitor that have stumbled here accidently.

Despite perhaps your first impression, we are pacifists and our interest was never in war itself, but instead the human drama behind it. One thing amoung many that you can learn from reading thousands of letters from war is that conflicts are no good for normal people, in human terms rarely a right and wrong side and should most definitely be confined to mankind's past. We certainly do not want to glamourise soldierhood or encourage young persons to join any army in the present day. Apart from what's just said, thoughout the site, we adhere to a strict policy not to express an opinion on any event or conflict. We simply database letters from war systematically and as accurately as our time allows.

If you have a question about any aspect of this website or would like to find out more about us, please do not hesitate to direct your questions or comments to support@war-letters.com. We'd love to hear from you.

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American Civil War
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World War Two

Instructions on how to use this database:
Letters are arranged in lots, which are normally groups of documents to the same recipient(s). Click to the content's page and choose a lot from the short descriptions provided. Alternatively, go to the site map for a complete list of lots, letters, their pages and attached photos. Enjoy your Surfing!

This Month's Featured Lots

   |---> Civil War featured lot - 32 letters from 1847-1864

Family relationships, politics and the civil war. Letters from Work and Boyd families.

   |---> World War 2 featured lot - 27 letters from 1926-1940

The life of a English boy from early military school to the air-force.

   |---> World War 1 featured lot - 14 letters from 1918,1919

Stationed in France a 328th Infantry soldier's correspondence with his mother.

Image courtesy of Mark Glenn Studio in New York.

Genealogical Research

The WAR LETTERS website and the associated LETTER Repository is just full of names, dates and addresses. Each letter is always associated with at least two or more people, the sender and the addresse but also anyone they mention in its texts. Everything a traditional genealogist might want!

Well NO, we have lots lots more. We have the personal lives behind the names, not just the date of birth/marriage/death but the story of the event and the scandals that occurred.

You see what makes your family yours and you you is not just the DNA but the experiences and struggles that your family had to overcome. It is our aim to tell this story and everyday our service becomes more complete. So if you didn't find anything about your family in todays search, bookmark this site, give us six months and check back. It could be well worth it.

About the WAR LETTERS website

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War Letters is a simple site which aims to database as many old war correspondence as possible and make them freely available online to all web users. With these letters, often photographs, drawings, love poems and other miscellaneous objects are included. Many times these letters tell a passionate real life love story between a soldier and his sweetheart back home, other times its the story of a family thousands of miles apart desperate to keep in contact and occasionally its the life of an ambitious soldier seeking a name for himself and interested in documenting his efforts.

All letters in the war letters database are digitally scanned at high resolution and their literary contents transcribed into text form. This is primarily to allow search engines to index it and should not be relied upon for referencing. We therefore invite you to look at the primary source letter itself when browsing this site instead of this text.

Unworded documents and attachments such as photos are also included and appear after the pages of each letters. The site map lists how many pages and attachments were in each envelope along with the date. Preference was given to the date on the letter itself, if this was not available the postmark on the envelope was used. In some cases the date was inferred from the contents of the letter. In others no date estimate was possible.

In the WAR LETTER database, no letter is filtered, no letter has been censored by us. Everything is simply displayed as accurately as time allows.

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