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We at do not express a political opinion on the events of the 1st or 2nd world war. We display all letters as they were obtained by us without censorship. As such we would like to advise all readers that some letters do contain material related to nazism, sex and many forms of severe violence.

War Letters
Our simply philosphy

1. Unfiltered:
In order of purchase all letters are displayed on the site, irrespective of their perceived interest.

2. Uncensored:
No letter in part or in full has been removed from our database.

3. Unbiased:
All content on this site is directly from letters. We at do not express a political opinion.

4. Languages:
All letters are in the English language due to obvious logistic reasons. Other languages will be added at a later date.

5. Free:
All letters are displayed free of charge. Please feel free to use the content of this site for all forms of non-internet based writing, such as newspaper articles, novels or research papers.



How to correctly reference to letters!

You are welcome to quote from any letter or other historical document on this site in part or in full. This is a completely open database and one of its functions is to allow historical research.

Note when referencing that each letter belongs to a lot which is a groups of letters as was obtained by us at We did not attempt to sort these letters as to do so may destroy some of their history. Lots are however normally to the same recipient(s), with multiple letters in a lot being from the same sender/author.

Contained in the url of each letter in this database is two four digit numbers which uniquely reference it. The first four digits identify the lot and the last four the specific letter in that lot. Letters in lots are loosely arranged in cronologically order. Offline documents can reference to a specific lot or letter with this number. Online documents please link to the correct webpage.

A short description of each lot, plus a link to all the letters in a lot are accessible through the 4 digit lot number with ".html" appended. You should not reference to this short discription as it may contain factual errors. The front of each envelope is accessible by the 8 digit index number with ".jpg" appended if it exists. Some letters had no envelopes.

Each page which makes up a letter is accessible through the 8 digit index number plus "p1.jpg" for the first page, "p2.jpg" for the second page and so on, appended. Likewise photos or other attached documents enclosed in an evelope is accessible by index number plus "a1.jpg" and so on appened. The text translation of each letter should not be relied upon. It is only design to allow search engines to properly index the page. If you require us to verify the text of any page/letter, please contact us.